TicketLine/订票热线: +855 70888900  +855 70888916
Address:Charles De Gaulle,Siem Reap,Combodia Angkor Grand theater

TicketLine/订票热线: +855 70888900  +855 70888916
Address:Charles De Gaulle,Siem Reap,Combodia Angkor Grand theater

  • 吴哥王朝文化演艺娱乐产业园

    Angkor Dynasty Cultural Entertainment Industry Park



    Caheng International Cultural Tourism Investment Co.,Ltd was established in early 2016 with a registered capital of 12 million US dollars to create business growth, host conventions, promote performing arts, deliver an overall entertainment experience, offer first class catering and create theme of cultural diversity across a state of the art tourism complex. Caheng International aims and goal is to establish itself as the first overseas landmark cultural cooperation project in Cambodia. 

     — 演艺、餐饮、娱乐、商务、会议、体验

       - Performing Arts, Catering, Entertainment, Business, Meeting, Experience

  • 方侨生 董事长



    Senior economic adviser to prime minister

    General manager of Canadia bank.

    Mr.Fang Qiaosheng

    目前,加华在柬埔寨国内有1 1家分行,并与中国、美国、新加坡、加拿大、韩国、法国、越南等国的银行建立了代理行往来。他也是一位资深的经济学家,担任柬埔寨首相洪森的高级经济顾问,在促进中柬两国政商界的合作方面起着积极的作用。加华银行秉着投资于造福社会领域的经营理念,为柬埔寨国内的多家中小型企业提供贷款,以便改善其生产设备、养殖及种植技术等,从而提高本国产品产量,增加国家税收,改善、提高人民生活水平。 除了为中小企业提供贷款,加华银行自身也寻求多种发展的机遇,融资兴建现代化购物商场比如苏利亚购物中心、金边市文化中心、柬埔寨民俗文化村、西哈努克港独立酒店等;涉足金边市加满华庭、双威陶谷华苑、金利城、金满城与暹粒省的美丽城等房地产项目的融资等。 随着柬埔寨经济的不断发展, 社会各领域需求不断拓宽,为了适应社会新形势的需要,加华银行先后成立海外柬华投资公司(O C I C)、C a n a T e c h高科技公司、柬埔寨生物技术开发公司、柬埔寨加华工业园投资公司、华商日报等多家附属企业,涉足工业园、生物柴油研制、媒体宣传、高新科技电子辞典等领域的投资。


    At present,Canadia bank has 11 branches in Cambodia.And has established correspondent transactions with banks in China,the United  States,Singapore,Canada,South Korea,Fance and Vietnam.He is also a senior economist and serves as the senior economic adviser to prime minister Hong Sen of Cambodia. Playing a positive role in promoting the cooperation between China and Cambodia in the political and business circles.Canadia bank holds the philosophy of investing in the benefit of society.To provide loans to a number of small and medium enterprises in Cambodia.In order to improve its production equipment,cultivation and cultivation techniques.So as to improve the output of domestic products,increase state tax revenue and improve the people’s living standards. In addition to providing loans to small and medium enterprises,Canadia bank also looking for opportunities for growth.Financing the construction of modern shopping mall and real estate projects,such as Sorya Shopping Center,Phnom Penh Cultural Center,Cambodia Culture Village,Sihanouk Independence Hotel and so on.With the continuous development of Cambodia’s economy,demand in all areas of society is widening.Canadia bank has set up Overseas Cambodia Investment Company(OCIC),Cana Tech Company,Cambodia Biological Technology Development Company,Cambodia Canadia Industrial Park Investment Company,Chinese business daily.Investment in various field : industry,biodiesel research and development,media  publicity,high-tech electronic technology.

  •        吴哥王朝 是“一带一路”倡导的重点文化交流项目,也是中柬两国政府、文化、旅游各界部门、机构、文化交流各界重点扶持的项目。该项目以文化+的形式,释放叠加效能,让世界各地的游客通过吴哥王朝的窗口,进一步促进中柬文化交流。目前吴哥王朝项目也是中柬两国文化部门共同创建的“一带一路”文化创意产业基地。

    Angkor Dynasty is a key cultural exchange project advocated by "The Belt and Road Initiative" and also a key support project of the governments culture and tourism sector, as well as the ever developing cultural exchange initiative between China and Cambodia. The project enables international business and tourism a plaform to further promote the cultural exchange between China, Cambodia and the world through the window of the Angkor Dynasty. At present Angkor dynasty project is also a cultural industry demonstration based jointly established by the cultural departments of China and Cambodia.